“Because as long as the status quo of “it’s just a joke,” or “boys being boys” remains the narrative followed in these conversations, we will still be throwing other women under the bus in an effort to not seem uncool, or unable to hang with the group.”
Stick to your morals & speak up. It needed to be said:

Thought Catalog

Years ago, I was on a trip with some friends when one friend did something terrible to his girlfriend. We had all been drinking, and it was the kind of “joke” that can only seem funny when people are surrounded by approving friends and under the influence of several drinks too many. She wasn’t in any danger, but I knew that I would be incredibly embarrassed if it were me. He did it when she was blackout drunk — incapable of defending herself — and he did it front of several of us while people drunkenly laughed and cheered him on. While it is not my place to go into the nature of what he did, suffice it to say that I was disturbed that these things were going on in a group of people I considered close, and kind, and fundamentally good. I decided that, despite the social ramifications…

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